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Episode 1: Playlist

This flow loads a movie metadata CSV file and builds a playlist for your favorite movie genre. Everything in Metaflow is versioned, so you can run it multiple times and view all the historical playlists with the Metaflow client in an R Markdown Notebook.


To play this episode:

If you haven't yet pulled the tutorials to your current working directory, you can follow the instructions here.

  1. cd tutorials/01-playlist
  2. Rscript playlist.R show
  3. Rscript playlist.R run
  4. Rscript playlist.R run --genre comedy
  5. Open playlist.Rmd in RStudio.

Dataset and flow script

The dataset movies.csv looks like this

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End2007Fantasy309404152

The flow script below performs the following steps:

  1. Ingests a CSV file containing metadata about movies.
  2. In parallel branches:
    • Filters movies by the genre parameter.
    • Choose a random movie from a different genre.
  3. Displays the top entries from the playlist.

# Parse the CSV file
start <- function(self){
self$df <- read.csv("./movies.csv", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

# Filter the movies by genre.
pick_movie <- function(self){
# select rows which has the specified genre
movie_by_genre <- self$df[self$df$genre == self$genre, ]

# randomize the title names
shuffled_rows <- sample(nrow(movie_by_genre))
self$movies <- movie_by_genre[shuffled_rows, ]

# This step chooses a random movie from a different genre.
bonus_movie <- function(self){
# select all movies not matching the specified genre
bonus_movies <- self$df[self$df$genre != self$genre, ]

idx <- sample(nrow(bonus_movies), size=1)
self$bonus <- bonus_movies$movie_title[idx]

# Join our parallel branches and merge results.
join <- function(self, inputs){
# Reassign relevant variables from our branches.
self$bonus <- inputs$bonus_movie$bonus
self$playlist <- inputs$pick_movie$movies

# Print out the playlist and bonus movie.
end <- function(self){
message("Playlist for movies in genre: ", self$genre)
for (i in 1:nrow(self$playlist)){
message(sprintf("Pick %d: %s", i, self$playlist$title[i]))

if (i > self$top_k) break;

metaflow("PlayListFlow") %>%
help = "Filter movies for a particular genre.",
default = "Sci-Fi") %>%
help = "The number of movies to recommend in the playlist.",
default = 5,
type = "int") %>%
step(step = "start",
r_function = start,
next_step = c("pick_movie", "bonus_movie")) %>%
step(step = "pick_movie",
r_function = pick_movie,
next_step = "join") %>%
step(step = "bonus_movie",
r_function = bonus_movie,
next_step = "join") %>%
step(step = "join",
r_function = join,
join = TRUE,
next_step = "end") %>%
step(step = "end",
r_function = end) %>%