Episode 4: Playlist Plus

The Final Showdown.

Now that we've improved our genre based playlist generator. We expose a hint parameter allowing the user to suggest a better bonus movie. The bonus movie is chosen from the movie that has the most similar name to the hint.

This is achieved by importing a string edit distance package using Metaflow's conda based dependency management feature. Dependency management builds isolated and reproducible environments for individual steps.

You can find the tutorial code on GitHub


  • Metaflow's conda based dependency management.

Before playing this episode:

This tutorial requires the conda package manager to be installed with the conda-forge channel added.

  1. conda config --add channels conda-forge

To play this episode:

  1. cd metaflow-tutorials

  2. python 04-playlist-plus/playlist.py --environment=conda show

  3. python 04-playlist-plus/playlist.py --environment=conda run

  4. python 04-playlist-plus/playlist.py --environment=conda run --hint "Data Science Strikes Back"