Episode 2: Statistics

Is this Data Science?

Use metaflow to load the movie metadata CSV file into a Pandas Dataframe and compute some movie genre specific statistics. These statistics are then used in later examples to improve our playlist generator. You can optionally use the Metaflow client to eyeball the results in a Notebook, and make some simple plots using the Matplotlib library.

You can find the tutorial code on GitHub‚Äč


  • Fan-out over a set of parameters using Metaflow foreach.

  • Using external packages like Pandas.

  • Plotting results in a Notebook.

Before playing this episode:

  1. python -m pip install pandas

  2. python -m pip install notebook

  3. python -m pip install matplotlib

To play this episode:

  1. cd metaflow-tutorials

  2. python 02-statistics/stats.py show

  3. python 02-statistics/stats.py run

  4. jupyter-notebook 02-statistics/stats.ipynb