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The @resources decorator specifies resource requirements for a step.

Note that @resources takes effect only when combined with another decorator like @batch or @kubernetes which specifies the compute layer. For more information, see Executing Tasks Remotely.



from metaflow import resources

Specifies the resources needed when executing this step.

Use @resources to specify the resource requirements independently of the specific compute layer (@batch, @kubernetes).

You can choose the compute layer on the command line by executing e.g.

python run --with batch


python run --with kubernetes

which executes the flow on the desired system using the requirements specified in @resources.


cpu: int, default 1

Number of CPUs required for this step.

gpu: int, default 0

Number of GPUs required for this step.

disk: int, optional, default None

Disk size (in MB) required for this step. Only applies on Kubernetes.

memory: int, default 4096

Memory size (in MB) required for this step.

shared_memory: int, optional, default None

The value for the size (in MiB) of the /dev/shm volume for this step. This parameter maps to the --shm-size option in Docker.