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The @conda_base decorator specifies what libraries should be made available for all steps of a flow.

The libraries are installed from Conda repositories. For more information, see Managing External Libraries.



from metaflow import conda_base

Specifies the Conda environment for all steps of the flow.

Use @conda_base to set common libraries required by all steps and use @conda to specify step-specific additions.


packages: Dict[str, str], default {}

Packages to use for this flow. The key is the name of the package and the value is the version to use.

libraries: Dict[str, str], default {}

Supported for backward compatibility. When used with packages, packages will take precedence.

python: str, optional, default None

Version of Python to use, e.g. '3.7.4'. A default value of None implies that the version used will correspond to the version of the Python interpreter used to start the run.

disabled: bool, default False

If set to True, disables Conda.