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Episode 8: Autopilot

Scheduling Compute in the Cloud.‚Äč

This example revisits Episode 06-statistics-redux: Computing in the Cloud. Wi th Metaflow, you don't need to make any code changes to schedule your flow in the cloud. In this example, we will schedule the workflow using the argo-workflows create command-line argument. This instructs Metaflow to schedule your flow on Argo Workflows without changing any code. You can execute your flow on Argo Workflows by using the argo-workflows trigger command-line argument. You can use a notebook to set up a simple dashboard to monitor all of your Metaflow flows.

You can find the tutorial code on GitHub


  • argo-workflows createe command-line option
  • argo-workflows trigger command-line option
  • Accessing data locally or remotely through the Metaflow Client API

Before playing this episode:

  1. python -m pip install notebook
  2. python -m pip install plotly
  3. This tutorial requires access to compute and storage resources on AWS, which can be configured by
    1. Following the instructions here or
    2. Requesting a sandbox.

To play this episode:

  1. cd metaflow-tutorials
  2. python 02-statistics/ argo-workflows create --max-workers 4
  3. python 02-statistics/ argo-workflows trigger
  4. jupyter-notebook 08-autopilot/autopilot.ipynb
  5. Open autopilot.ipynb in your notebook