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Controlling Parallelism

It is almost too easy to execute tasks remotely using Metaflow. Consider a foreach loop defined as follows:

self.params = range(1000), foreach='params')

When run with --with batch or --with kubernetes, this code would launch up to 1000 parallel instances which may turn out to be quite expensive.

To safeguard against inadvertent launching of many parallel jobs, the run and resume commands have a flag --max-num-splits which fails the task if it attempts to launch more than 100 splits by default. Use the flag to increase the limit if you actually need more tasks.

$ python run --max-num-splits 200

Another flag, --max-workers, limits the number of tasks run in parallel. Even if a foreach launched 100 splits, --max-workers would make only 16 (by default) of them run in parallel at any point in time. If you want more parallelism, increase the value of --max-workers.

$ python run --max-workers 32