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Episode 2: Statistics

Is this Data Science?‚Äč

Use metaflow to load the movie metadata CSV file into a dataframe and compute some movie genre-specific statistics. These statistics are then used in later examples to improve our playlist generator. You can optionally use the Metaflow client to eyeball the results in a Notebook, and make some simple plots using the Matplotlib library.

You can find the tutorial code on GitHub


  • Fan-out over a set of parameters using Metaflow foreach.
  • Plotting results in a Notebook.

Before playing this episode:

  1. python -m pip install notebook
  2. python -m pip install matplotlib

To play this episode:

  1. cd metaflow-tutorials
  2. python 02-statistics/ show
  3. python 02-statistics/ run
  4. jupyter-notebook 02-statistics/stats.ipynb