Release Notes

Read below how Metaflow has improved over time.

We take backwards compatibility very seriously. In the vast majority of cases you can upgrade Metaflow without expecting changes in your existing code. In the rare cases when breaking changes are absolutely necessary, usually due to bug fixes, you can take a look at minor breaking changes below before you upgrade.

2.0.2 (Feb 11th, 2019)

Bug Fixes

  • Pin click to v7.0 or greater

  • Add checks to conda-package metadata to guard against .conda packages

2.0.1 (Dec 16th, 2019)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a docker registry parsing bug in AWS Batch.

  • Fix various typos in Metaflow tutorials.

2.0.0 (Dec 3rd, 2019)

Hello World!

  • First Open Source Release.

  • Read the blogpost announcing the release

Releases pre-2.0.0 were internal to Netflix